Chronicles of the Jung Dynasty


Several members of Kheldar Jung’s crew including himself are being held in an older style prison on the surface of the planet after the murder of Lord Trivitar Houndstooth.

In all likelihood the prisoners will be executed to show that Imperial officials can maintain order.

After a series of odd rumors each stranger than the last. The first was about a pair of guards being detained by a “bloodthirsty she-devil” and then an enraged Priest of the Mechanicum breaking into the warden’s office, the crew was mysteriously pardoned for all crimes and released. Official reports are not releasing any information except, " Everything we do is for the good of the Imperium."

After being released supposedly the Captain and his crew managed to negotiate a deal with one of the biggest mining companies for a deep void run. If proved true this could elevate the status of the upstart rogue trader and quell any rumors about all of the internal conflict suffered by his house.

The biggest news on Creel was Bevier Mandorallen the Savior of port wander and Guardian Angel of Creel. In an awesome display of the Emperor’s power he released a mighty warning from the heaven’s to all of the God-Emperor’s enemies. Several new churches have begun construction and attendance is at an all time high. Possibly the most important result was that rioting from the recently deceased High Heretic Trivitar Houndstooth have all stopped.

The explorer’s now turn their gaze towards the stars for their next adventure……



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