Chronicles of the Jung Dynasty

Nobody knows the troubles I've seen.......

Intercepted transmission by communications cogitator TR-45114C…………This new captain has turned out to be quite a mess, along with his new crew. They all show varying degrees of promise….But that’s where it currently ends. They have been “held for questioning” for a few weeks now. No one has seen the Explorator for over a month. The rest of the crew has been working on various side projects. wait…. I think this transmission might be compri………

Intercepted communique from secure Imperial channel Delta560000345:

Unknown man :Requesting reinforcements to coordinates 37 degrees 48 minutes South by 144 degrees 57 minutes East. Command code Alpha Bravo Bravo Zeta Kappa 6 9 0 0 5.
< security protocol initiated >
< Authentication verified….. Captain Alphonso Green Security Clearance Level Amber >
< Line secured >
< Link lost…..attempting to reestablish> Attempt 1-665 failed….
<gfde%g%gvcbfd%$$#n><>^%$GFDGFDEGREGGGGGGRe@Dv &()&%^% #^%$@<kiiiikkilllsadfdewgtreghfdbsfdeathhtttto))$%btgodemperorr^%hbb%$tyg />6587658>
< Code accepted >

Unknown:..(Static clears).. one left to send… Fight with honor soldier.
Captain Green: Yes sir.
< Communication ended >



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