Galan Creel

Praise be to the true Omnissiah




This man was a noble from Hydraphur until the mechanicus recruited him into one of their enclaves in the system. There he learned the arts of the machine and the Omnissiah. He ferventlly made plans to seek out and reclaim some archeotechnology and xenotechnology from the expanse and lead the way into a new millennium. Although there seems to be something a little off about him, none of the mechanicum are particularly normal.

His first action on Port Wander was to make a trade with Jim the Trader. No one is for sure who got the raw end, but rumor is that it was Jim! He recently was seen meeting the Archmagos of Port Wander. Many tech priests are now going out of their way to find out more information about this upstart. His servo skull Anthrax and himself are currently wanted by the local Arbites for trying to hack into their system. Any information leading to his arrest or the capture of his servo skull would be met with a sizable reward..

Rumors have been swirling about a tech priest who survived a month without food or water in the caves of planet Creel. The indigenous population are beginning to think he might be a divine being of sorts. Who knows what to do in these troubled times?

Galan Creel

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