Servo Skull #16


WS 15
BS 15
S 10
T 20
Ag 30
Int 15
Per 35
WP 20
Fel -

Awareness + 10
Concealment +10
Dodge +10
Silent move +10
Auspex +20

Talents: Fearless
Traits: Darksight, Flier 6, Machine (2), Size Puny, Armor 2 **Haunted by the Machine Spirit
Gear: Vox, Cogitator

Owner: Galan Creel
Owner must roll for Anthrax anytime an opposing willpower check is forced onto the servo skull. Owner must pass a challenging +0 tech use check. Anthrax must pass a challenging +0 willpower check or be overcome by the machine spirit.
Pass = N/A
Fail = servo skull starts playing “Somewhere over the rainbow” as loud as possible.


This fiesty little servo skull is owned by Galan Creel. Any large disturbances seem to set the machine spirit off in this little guy.


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