Chronicles of the Jung Dynasty

Planet Creel

The captain will be busy with some administrative duties in orbit for at least a week, so he will be joining the crew later. This is some information that Digby dug out of a cogitator archive for you.

Archived data of Planet Creel:

Population est 1-5 million
Mining colony for 2-4 Terran standard years.
This world’s climate is mostly temperate with some subtropical areas. Most of the cities are surrounded by dense overgrown forests and large snow capped mountains. The locals were a semi-civilized feudal society before the introduction of the Imperium and seem to be integrating fairly well. There are several large mining sites on the planet where the locals are currently being enslaved recruited into the labor force.

Currently in the middle of the Festival of the Hunt: This week long celebration takes place in the capital city of Wolfsborough. Local authorities have cautioned all visitors and imperial citizens to proceed at your own risk, and will no be held responsible for the locals who are said to get “lively” during the festival. The end of the festival is marked by a hunt into the largest forest where supposedly “the great wyrm lurks”. Officially this is labeled as local superstition, however, no one but native Creelians ever come back from the hunt.



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