Chronicles of the Jung Dynasty

C'est la vie Creel

As you leave planet Creel and plot a course to uncharted waters with a supposed pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you start to wonder…. Wasn’t that a little too easy?


Several members of Kheldar Jung’s crew including himself are being held in an older style prison on the surface of the planet after the murder of Lord Trivitar Houndstooth.

In all likelihood the prisoners will be executed to show that Imperial officials can maintain order.

After a series of odd rumors each stranger than the last. The first was about a pair of guards being detained by a “bloodthirsty she-devil” and then an enraged Priest of the Mechanicum breaking into the warden’s office, the crew was mysteriously pardoned for all crimes and released. Official reports are not releasing any information except, " Everything we do is for the good of the Imperium."

After being released supposedly the Captain and his crew managed to negotiate a deal with one of the biggest mining companies for a deep void run. If proved true this could elevate the status of the upstart rogue trader and quell any rumors about all of the internal conflict suffered by his house.

The biggest news on Creel was Bevier Mandorallen the Savior of port wander and Guardian Angel of Creel. In an awesome display of the Emperor’s power he released a mighty warning from the heaven’s to all of the God-Emperor’s enemies. Several new churches have begun construction and attendance is at an all time high. Possibly the most important result was that rioting from the recently deceased High Heretic Trivitar Houndstooth have all stopped.

The explorer’s now turn their gaze towards the stars for their next adventure……

Nobody knows the troubles I've seen.......

Intercepted transmission by communications cogitator TR-45114C…………This new captain has turned out to be quite a mess, along with his new crew. They all show varying degrees of promise….But that’s where it currently ends. They have been “held for questioning” for a few weeks now. No one has seen the Explorator for over a month. The rest of the crew has been working on various side projects. wait…. I think this transmission might be compri………

Intercepted communique from secure Imperial channel Delta560000345:

Unknown man :Requesting reinforcements to coordinates 37 degrees 48 minutes South by 144 degrees 57 minutes East. Command code Alpha Bravo Bravo Zeta Kappa 6 9 0 0 5.
< security protocol initiated >
< Authentication verified….. Captain Alphonso Green Security Clearance Level Amber >
< Line secured >
< Link lost…..attempting to reestablish> Attempt 1-665 failed….
<gfde%g%gvcbfd%$$#n><>^%$GFDGFDEGREGGGGGGRe@Dv &()&%^% #^%$@<kiiiikkilllsadfdewgtreghfdbsfdeathhtttto))$%btgodemperorr^%hbb%$tyg />6587658>
< Code accepted >

Unknown:..(Static clears).. one left to send… Fight with honor soldier.
Captain Green: Yes sir.
< Communication ended >

The Festival of the Hunt

RT//: Run//.Command.Download.Information from Imperial Cogitator 445566CLO0935
Access Granted…….
Input Logistical Parameters:
Planet: C_R_E_E_L
Time-frame: Last 180 hours Terran Standard
Importance: Theta Level or above.
Download Complete
Loading local magistrate reports Theta level or above….

312 results:
Results listed in highest value of importance.
Report from constable Wyatt Pull:

The Festival of the Hunt claimed many lives again this year. Most notably was an officer of the rogue trader Kheldar Jung and a noble prince from the Cestern Province. This daring young woman decided to tempt fate and compete in the dangerous Cujo races. The race claimed her life as they have so many others. I saw it. It was a fatal wound long before that poor young man started trying to revive her. There were an unusual amount of deaths and missing persons this year, but no one of importance besides those two.
This news however pales in comparison to the stunning trophy the off-landers bagged. It was real Wyrm!!!! How about that?!! I did not think that they still existed! My great Pa’s Pa told him that he found a tooth of one, but no one believed him! Then they burned the thing!! Can you believe that? Anyway that caused quite a ruckus as you can imagine. All told it was by far the most stressful festival I have ever seen.
No has heard from Father Carmine in a few days and one of the offlanders who called himself a missionary seemed to take offense to him not opening up the church t his whim. I will follow up in the next 24 hours.

Planet Creel

The captain will be busy with some administrative duties in orbit for at least a week, so he will be joining the crew later. This is some information that Digby dug out of a cogitator archive for you.

Archived data of Planet Creel:

Population est 1-5 million
Mining colony for 2-4 Terran standard years.
This world’s climate is mostly temperate with some subtropical areas. Most of the cities are surrounded by dense overgrown forests and large snow capped mountains. The locals were a semi-civilized feudal society before the introduction of the Imperium and seem to be integrating fairly well. There are several large mining sites on the planet where the locals are currently being enslaved recruited into the labor force.

Currently in the middle of the Festival of the Hunt: This week long celebration takes place in the capital city of Wolfsborough. Local authorities have cautioned all visitors and imperial citizens to proceed at your own risk, and will no be held responsible for the locals who are said to get “lively” during the festival. The end of the festival is marked by a hunt into the largest forest where supposedly “the great wyrm lurks”. Officially this is labeled as local superstition, however, no one but native Creelians ever come back from the hunt.

Port Wander

Captain Jung has cemented ties with his new crew, the Ghants, and even Captain Kruegar. He now readies himself and his newly minted shipmates to the voyage ahead.

Still a "Captain" without a ship?

For some reason privateers with ties to the Mechanicum have taken control of “Captain” Jung’s ship. I do not understand why there has been such a delay in appropriating the ship back to us, however the “captain” has assured me that everything is going well in this simple misunderstanding, and he simply wanted to update his senior officers. Thank you for your patience.

There was drinking, there was fighting, there was a race, there was even some sex, and at the end of it, there was a ship. A badly damaged half running beautiful Meritech Shrike raider the Sunstrider. These ships are extremely old, and most have been decommissioned over the millennia because of their treacherous history. But she is your ship, let the Emperor’s light forever guide her safely.

Evenin' me Lords and Ladies!
Space pirates rule.

As you gaze into the infinite abyss of the void you remember something… A story of past victories and defeats from your teachers and mentors of the House Jung. The great flagship and fleets created to its name………

History has argued and lost all but the biggest details. There was crew. There was a ship. And it’s path through history (bloody or otherwise) had the largest impact on House Jung in the last 3 thousand years.


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