Miya Jung

Ziefer Jung's sister and acting Matriarch of the Jung Dynasty


Miya Jung is a determined and intelligent leader. Her beauty has almost gotten her unwillingly married on several occasions. She has proclaimed that House Jung will return to its former glory, and she is not known for failing at anything.

Miya has recently denied the rumors about House Jung’s financial troubles and issues with the mechanicum representatives. She has also denied the rumor about the transference of the trade warrant to the bastard son of her brother, Ziefer. However this statement was released by the matriarch:
“These rumors are malicious and groundless. I will ensure that this house does not have to endure such a scandal again.”

Miya also has reiterated that if contact with her dear brother is not made in the next 6 months, she will be the official matriarch of House Jung. “There is a time to mourn and a time to pick up the pieces and move forward into a bright new day. Let the Emperor guide us all with his light!”

Miya Jung

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