Marcellus Folkner

The gentleman's sharpshooter


Marcellus was born on Vostroya and, as the firstborn in his family, joined the Imperial Guard filling a sharpshooter billet with the 5th company, 68th regiment. His first and last campaign occurred on Darik’s World. He retains the air of nobility but tempered by having seen the worst of combat. Grace comes as easily as an alley brawl, but he is a man of little words, preferring to only be given a task or target before left to accomplish the mission on his own terms. His family believes him KIA amongst the thousands of others left to freeze on Darik’s World.

Word is out after supposedly an Imperial guard recognized him and got his autograph in the shipping docks of Port Wander. That he possibly survived Darik’s world and is now on the edge of the expanse again is unfathomable.

Marcellus Folkner

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