Iceberg Slim

The Gator


Aaron Bark


This man of ill repute undeservedly got his many nicknames while helping ladies of disreputable reputation get a head in the rough part of town. He is simply a facilitator to one of the Imperium’s greatest needs. The front man to one of the God-Emperor’s greatest jokes. A working man who works with working girls. He provides for them, they in turn provide for him. He doesn’t take no lip from any of his girls though. They all know about Big Daddy’s temper, just ask about Moonbeam and Violet. The whole ship heard about Violet…. Nothing a few thrones and a bottle of amnesec to the captain, and maybe some free rides for the officers won’t cure. Also sets a good precedent for the younger girls.

Who knows what grand adventures this ladies man will get into.

Iceberg Slim

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