Draven Krieger

Sea Dog Jones


Void-master (pilot)


This resilient void-master hails from humble beginnings in the from the Sabbat worlds in Segementum Pacificus. He had a short stint in the Navy where he got a number of tattoos and achieved the high rank of fighter gunnery 2nd class. However being an indentured servant to the Imperium did not suit his entrepreneurial tastes and as soon as he got his chance to leave, he did.

He is currently wanted for questioning by the local Arbites for his possible role in inciting a riot in the royal narrows in Port Wander that caused 6 deaths and several injuries. The only name the Arbites have to go on however, is Sea Dog Jones, which is making their hunt difficult. There is also a rumor from the Navy barracks that he flew in a cutter race and came in second, while drunk.

Draven Krieger

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