Cort Nostromos

Port Wander's favorite Doppelganger




House Nostromos is not based on Holy Terra, but near Solstice. It is rumored that this is because of their slightly heretical experiments on their own DNA. Inquisitors have even come to “enjoy the House and its pleasantries” from time to time. House Nostromos has always been exonerated by the Inquisition, even though no formal inquiries have ever taken place.

Cort is older and has not been the same since the Archenemy’s attack on his previous vessel. Since then his genetic markers have changed, and this means that possible mutations can occur as his years wear on. This might explain House Nostromos’es quick decree that he join the search for wonders and riches in the expanse.

After a rocky start with his vessel to get to Port Wander, he quickly established some upper echelon ties with the Navigator Noblite elite houses. Although not very impressed with his achievements as of yet, they did note that he has a slightly underhanded and interesting nature which they respected. His future exploits will be cataloged for further study.

He got off to a good start with his new crew by safely escorting the ship and crew to Planet Creel in a day.

Cort Nostromos

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