First Officer


First officer Rutherford C. Gilfrey, or “Cans” as everybody calls him is a bit of a character. No one knows his middle name, not even Cans. It stuck because he always has at least 3 cans of lho sticks on him at any one time. While typically crotchety, slightly senile, and borderline heretical, he seems to be a rather “charming fellow” if you ask most of the generals in the Imperial Navy.


Cans is instrumental in running the bridge, and can keep cogitators operational when most enginseers would have given up. This may in part be due to his so called “ultra spit shine” Something you hiiiigh and mighty folks don’t know nothin about.

There may be some truth to this, however far fetched it might seem, as he has outlived any captain that tried to operate the ship without him.


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