Trade School 101: Bigger gun = more profit




This faithful servant of the Emperor hails from a lesser known system around the Gates of Varl in Segmentum Ultima. She has seen fighting and trading, and she decided she liked both. It is rumored she was originally in line to be a sister of battle. A partial script from her years in a prep school for the Adeptus Ministorum was decoded as the only information about her. "Even as young as she is, her mentors have toted praise of her being one of their best and brightest acolytes. I believe this one could be the answer to our prayers, if she would only concentrate and listen for His guidance. She seems to only be interested in bringing about trouble by batting her eyelashes at boys! She calls it an exercise of her powers of manipulation influence and a test of their faith. If ssshhee %$$#&^@%444 :++…

Word is she is now on the verge of the expanse with a bright and shiny new captain. She has certainly been one of the few of his crew to escape notice by Port Wander’s local arbites. Also she seems to already be making some new suckers contacts for her new captain.

After a very hard fought race this stare till you blink seneschal was shot and killed in the extremely dangerous Cujo races on planet Creel during The Festival of the Hunt. After her beast of a mount crossed the finished line, her fellow shipmate and medic rushed to her side and attempted to stop the bleeding, but alas she was too far gone. This traveler is survived by a sole heir, her younger sister who seems even more beautiful and mysterious than her sister.


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