Chronicles of the Jung Dynasty

The Festival of the Hunt

RT//: Run//.Command.Download.Information from Imperial Cogitator 445566CLO0935
Access Granted…….
Input Logistical Parameters:
Planet: C_R_E_E_L
Time-frame: Last 180 hours Terran Standard
Importance: Theta Level or above.
Download Complete
Loading local magistrate reports Theta level or above….

312 results:
Results listed in highest value of importance.
Report from constable Wyatt Pull:

The Festival of the Hunt claimed many lives again this year. Most notably was an officer of the rogue trader Kheldar Jung and a noble prince from the Cestern Province. This daring young woman decided to tempt fate and compete in the dangerous Cujo races. The race claimed her life as they have so many others. I saw it. It was a fatal wound long before that poor young man started trying to revive her. There were an unusual amount of deaths and missing persons this year, but no one of importance besides those two.
This news however pales in comparison to the stunning trophy the off-landers bagged. It was real Wyrm!!!! How about that?!! I did not think that they still existed! My great Pa’s Pa told him that he found a tooth of one, but no one believed him! Then they burned the thing!! Can you believe that? Anyway that caused quite a ruckus as you can imagine. All told it was by far the most stressful festival I have ever seen.
No has heard from Father Carmine in a few days and one of the offlanders who called himself a missionary seemed to take offense to him not opening up the church t his whim. I will follow up in the next 24 hours.



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